What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive method of alternative medicine for treating neuromusculoskeletal and other disorders often associated with the spine. It is a chiropractic philosophy that disease results from restrictions in nerve flow due to vertebral subluxation, which they regard as a spinal joint dysfunction that affects neurological function.

Meet Our Chiropractor

Jason Bola


Jason Bola


Chiropractic Georgetown, ON

With the rise of technology and more people living sedentary lifestyles, chronic pain is becoming increasingly more frequent. Our Chiropractors in Georgetown, ON can help you, or your loved ones live a better life. From neck pain to back pain, foot pain to headaches, even mouth pain and weight loss concerns – our Georgetown Chiropractors will provide treatment that is effective, long-lasting and drug-free.

If you have persistent pain, it can make everyday tasks difficult and impact your ability to enjoy life. Let us give you the relief you deserve – visit our clinic or call now for an appointment!

How Can Chiropractic Help You?

Here’s what most people don’t understand about finding the right Chiropractor: Chiropractic adjustments are just one part of a holistic approach to health and wellness, which is what makes this holistic treatment so effective. At the core of true chiropractic care is a dedicated team that will help you achieve your health goals.

Instead of simply adjusting the spine, our chiropractors will assess many factors that affect your body’s ability to heal and stay healthy. Chiropractic care is effective because it addresses all of these factors combined as opposed to just focusing on one aspect of the healing process. For this reason, it is important to find a Chiropractor in Georgetown that you can build a long-term relationship with so your body can achieve optimal health and wellness.

When we first hear about someone in pain, the first thing that comes to mind about visiting a chiropractor is to ‘crack their back.’ But what exactly does that mean?

As Chiropractors, we are trained extensively in spinal manipulation and instrument assisted soft tissue techniques. At the same time, we learn about nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes that help us to pinpoint the root cause of your pain. This means that we are able to tailor a solution specifically for you, so that we can relieve your pain in the most holistic way possible. This is different from what you might hear on a commercial about drugs or other ‘painkillers’ which often only treat the symptoms, rather than the root cause of your pain. As you will notice, a chiropractic approach is a lot more versatile and effective.

If you would like to see one of our Georgetown Chiropractors, give us a call today or schedule an appointment by booking online.