What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists practice the treatment and prevention of movement disorders. Our Physiotherapists in Georgetown are able to help with a wide variety of medical conditions including lower back pain, neck pain, problems with muscles and joints or injuries caused by accidents or sports.

Meet Our Physiotherapists

Giuseppe Galifi

Registered Physiotherapist

Priyanka Bangur


George Rofail

Registered Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy Georgetown, ON

Physiotherapists can help athletes prevent injury during training as well as helping those who have already been injured to rehabilitate quicker. Physiotherapists may choose to specialize in certain areas of the body e.g. the upper body, lower body or sport-related injuries, but our Physiotherapists work with people suffering from a wide range of problems such as those needing help with breathing after an accident or surgery, or patients who have experienced burns or stroke. 

The primary role of our Physiotherapists in Georgetown Ontario is to alleviate pain and restore movement. Physiotherapy is applicable in the treatment of several chronic conditions that are non-specific, such as back pain, though Physiotherapists may also be consulted for more specific problems e.g. people who have sustained a sports injury or had an accident may need Physiotherapy to serve as a means to help them return to pre-injury performance. Our Physiotherapists often work with patients who are immobilized or have limited movement due to an injury and wish to return to normal function without further pain. 

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